Paul Altidor, The New Ambassador Of Haiti To The U.S.

Paul Altidor, The New Ambassador Of Haiti To The U.S.

One of the greatest Haitians of a time is definitely Paul Altidor. He is the current ambassador of Haiti to the US where he was appointed in the post on January of 2012 and where he officially presented his credentials to the president Barrack Obama in May of the same year. He has had a successful career as an economist having studied and worked as an economist for a long time.

Paul Altidor was born and raised in Haiti but eventually moved to the US in Boston where he grew up and where he also attended school. He later joined bachelor's degree in economics from Boston College and a master's in international development from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Paul Altidor has had various achievements in his life where he has worked for different organizations and where he has acquired a great deal of experience in different fields.

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