Popular Patriotic Dessalinien Movement (MOPOD)

Popular Patriotic Dessalinien Movement (MOPOD)

Here is a picture of the sign for the Political Party Popular Patriotic Dessalinien Movement (MOPOD).

Recently, on March 25, 2015, the Popular Patriotic Dessalinien Movement (MOPOD), has announced two of its important nominations for the upcoming election-- Samuel Madistin & Mirlande H. Manigat. Mr.Madistin is a lawyer who has always as remained active against all human rights abuses. He has clarified his decision to join the MOPOD in a "944 word descriptive open letter". Former First Lady Manigat (between February 7, 1988 - June 20, 1988) endorsed her intention for nomination as "program and ideology of MOPOD is not about slogans, it is about real programs." MOPOD was initially a political coalition that recently, on March 26, 2015 has turned into a political party based on a shared ideology. The coalition has changed its earlier name 'the Patriotic Movement of the Democratic Opposition' but maintains the same acronym MOPOD.

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