President Barack Obama and Wyclef Jean

President Barack Obama and Wyclef Jean

Here is a picture of President Barack Obama and Haitian star Wyclef Jean.

Wyclef Jean is a Haitian rapper, musician and actor. In the elections of 28 November 2010, he had an intention for the presidency of Haiti. After registering as a candidate, he told his enthusiastic supporters: I want to be Barack Obama of Haiti. He told that he will take his countrymen to a state that is righteous, to a golden era of prosperity. He is a Haitian in the truest form, he will speak in a language that 90% Haitians understand (Haiti, Wyclef Jean & The Scavengers). Since he spent only five years of his life in Haiti, his candidacy was rejected. In an August 2014, Democratic National Convention, Wyclef performed with many other celebrities of Tinseltown. He recorded a video on Barack Obama. After the 2010 earthquake, to support Haitian relief, he requested Barack Obama to declare a state of emergency.

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