President Martelly at new premises of CIMO

President Martelly at new premises of CIMO

On Tuesday February 10, President Michel Martelly walked among a crowd that was, indeed, happy to see him as he surveyed the grounds for the new premises of CIMO. The visit was an inspection of Cité Soleil's Wharf Jérémie and the home of the Body Intervention and Maintenance of Order in Delmas 2. Accompanying him on this visit were the First Lady, Sophia Martelly, Minister of Justice and Public Safety, Pierre Richard Casimir, Communication Minister Rothchild Francis Jr., and Prime Minister Evans Paul.

The sites of Wharf Jérémie and CIMO was constructed using funds the country accrued as a benefit of the PetroCaribe deal, so they are the culmination of work done by the country's two last presidents, Preval by instigating the deal with Venezuela, and Martelly as the construction falls under the framework of his administration's activities to make the conditions under which the PNH officers work better.

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