President Martelly at new Wharf Jérémie

President Martelly at new Wharf Jérémie

Martelly, like the crowd that was expressive in their favor, seemed quite pleased with the work's progress. The work itself at Wharf Jérémie started in November of 2013, following the launch on September 24. The estimated time for its completion, as given by the site's engineers, is September of this year.

Following their look at Wharf Jérémie, the group continued on to Delmas 2 where they visited the Body Intervention and Maintenance of Order location. There, they were greeted by members of the police force as well as the Directeur General. The president, while there, looked at the building's different areas which will soon house the National Police's specialized unit. The building is over 1,500 meters square and its 3 stories will be fully equipped with a shots hall, sports facilities, cafeteria, and sleeping quarters for some 400 PNH officers.

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