President Nissage Saget, born in St Marc

President Nissage Saget, born in St Marc

Here is a picture of President Nissage Saget, first Haitian president to serve out his term of office form 1869 to 1874

Born in September 1810 to a relative of the war hero, Jean Jacques Dessalines, Saget was one of five children. By the age of eight years old, he became the only one of his siblings still alive following an outbreak of yellow fever. Following high school at the Lycee National de Port-au-Prince President Saget started adult life working on his father's farm.

Saget was chained and brought to St. Mark's, where he was imprisoned and suffered much abuse. Following Soulouque's fall, Saget was reinstated as Commander of the base at Leogane. Then Saget, in 1869 would lead a troop into Port-au-Prince where, with the approval of the masses, Salnave was killed. Following this victory, Parliament mandated Saget's presidency for four years.

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