Prestige Barber Shop in Little Haiti

Prestige Barber Shop in Little Haiti

Prestige Barber Shop welcomes you and feels honored to serve you as a guest. There was a time when the art of barbering was reserved for royalty only. Although, over the years, the barbering art has lost most of its the earlier shines, and it has reduced to unisex salons and corner barber shops with second rate service in more mediocre environments, Prestige Barber Shop enjoys the pleasure to serve you in the same royal classic style but with a modern flavor.

Our royal services with years of experience and expertise include haircuts, beard and mustache trim, hair coloring, hair removal, straight razor shaves, beard and mustache trim, facials, massages, manicures, pedicures, reflexology and shoeshine. Each service at Prestige Barber Shop in Little Haiti is performed on specifically designed service room equipped with finest barbering equipment, satellite television and surround sound system played at the tune of your choice. We guarantee you a complete new satisfying barbering experience.

Prestige Barber Shop
8272 NE 2nd Ave, Little Haiti, FL, 33138
Tel: 305-756-6043.

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