Francois-Nicolas Duvalier, grandson of Francois Duvalier

Francois-Nicolas Duvalier, grandson of Francois Duvalier

Here is a picture of the son of Former Haitian President Jean Claude Duvalier and the Grandson of Dr. Francois Duvalier.

Francois-Nicolas Duvalier wrote an article that was published on April 19, 2013 in the Haitian newspaper giving tribute to his grandfather, Francois Duvalier. He wrote "In memoriam Dr. Francois Duvalier, President for Life". Francois-Nicolas Duvalier is currently working in the government of Michel Martelly. This was published in Le Nouvelliste. The tribute to Former Haitian dictator Francois Duvalier received lots of reaction from many members of the Haitian population.

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