Ramblers Holidays add Haiti to its range of destinations

Ramblers Holidays add Haiti to its range of destinations

As Haiti political environment has become more uncertain , the efforts made in the tourism industry continue to bear fruits. Ramblers Holidays that has been specializing in guided walking holidays for over 60 years, has become the latest operator to add Haiti to its range of destinations.

Adding the island of Hispaniola to its itinerary of walking tours, the company Ramblers Worldwide Holidays has broadened the scope of Haiti's tourism pull, packaging the rolling hills and dippings, lush, green valleys as a veritable jackpot to its clientele. One of only the latest in a line of operators who have eagerly added Haiti to their list of destinations, Ramblers plans to start selling the Hispaniola leg of their tour package in April 2015. Already other tours such as Exodus have made their virgin tours here, prompting Jean-Marc Flambert, PR and marketing consultant for Haiti, to say the country is moving along well.

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