Sophia Martelly should be charged with fraud, Senator Westner Polycarpe

Sophia Martelly should be charged with fraud, Senator Westner Polycarpe

Senator Westner Polycarpe seems to have the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) in a corner with the affair of First lady Sophia Martelly. He thinks that their credibility is at risk. In regard to Sophia Martelly, Senator Westner Polycarpe feels that she should be charged with fraud and the use of forged documents.

Recently, the sitting Senator, Dr. Westner Polycarpe, MD (Nord/Alternative) has said that the first Haitian Lady Sophia Martelly is a fraud. She should be charged for her fraudulent activities and use of forged documents. She denounced her Haitian citizenship in 1989, and till 31 March 2014, she had continued to be only a U.S citizen as no dual citizenship was permitted in the Haitian constitution till 2011. When she denounced her U.S. citizenship in 2011, she got an entitlement to become a Haitian citizen. Thus, by an act of forgery, she managed to get her first Haitian passport in 2009. Furthermore, her candidacy is questionable because, as the President of the National Commission Against Hunger & Malnutrition, she is still accountable for a balance of $234 million funds to the State Treasury. For that, she was supposed to submit a certificate of discharge issued by the Superior Court of Auditors and Administrative Disputes; instead she had submitted a discharge certificate issued the Ministry of Finance!

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