South African Minister Luwellyn Landers In Haiti

South African Minister Luwellyn Landers In Haiti

Here is a picture of South African Minister Luwellyn Landers who was conducting a visit to the Caribbean island of Haiti.

Lately, the deputy minister of South Africa, Luwellyn Landers is on a five nation with the motive to promote and sustain bilateral ties with the Caribbean countries. On his visit to Suriname, in north eastern South America, he had a meeting with the minister of Foreign Affairs Winston Lackin and a MoU was signed with the aim of establishing cooperation and sustenance of the cordiality the countries have had since 1995. On his visit to Haiti, the South African International Relations and Cooperation Deputy Minister is expected to have discussions and consultations with the Haitian minister of foreign affairs, Lener Renauld. He is also entitled to see the president Michel Martelly.

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