Subsidized U.S. peanuts as humanitarian aid to Haiti

Subsidized U.S. peanuts as humanitarian aid to Haiti

Here is an example of Subsidized U.S. food invading the Haitian market, peanuts as humanitarian aid to Haiti. April, 2016 - US plan to ship 500 metric tons of surplus American peanuts to help feed more than 140,000 malnourished schoolchildren in Haiti.

A recent announcement by the U.S administration to ship 500 metric tons of surplus peanuts to feed 140,000 malnourished Haitian schoolchildren has set off a fierce debate. People are divided in opinion whether such food aid is a humanitarian necessity or a counterproductive gesture. As per U.S Government statement, it is a humanitarian necessity, because, (a) about 30% of Haitian youngsters suffer from chronic malnutrition; (b) following a three-year drought, Haiti is facing unprecedented food insecurity; (c) the donation will not have any noticeable impact as it represents only 1.4% of Haiti's average annual peanut production. It will not make any difference to the economy, but would improve the diets of the most vulnerable children attending schools. In spite of a complicated relationship with the foreign donors, the U.S. has long been the largest donor of foreign aid that Haiti is dependent on. Peanut contribution is a minuscule addition to the billion dollar U.S assistance. However, as per Haitian economist and activist Camille Chalmers, it is a U.S attempt of drawing down stockpile and benefiting American agribusiness.

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