Sweet Micky - Ba'l bannann nan (kanaval 2016)

Sweet Micky - Ba'l bannann nan (kanaval 2016)

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The President of a country should be the guarantor of social cohesiveness, never an instigator of denigration or lynching his countrymen publicly as opposition. At a time when the country was passing through a crisis, as a President, instead of devoting every moment to solve it Martelly was found releasing his carnival meringue targeting the journalist Liliane Pierre-Paul. Undoubtedly, it is a shame for a man of his stature to display own displeasure and disrespect in such a vulgar manner. Liliane is not only a star reporter; she is the President of the Association of Haitian Media and one of the prides of Haitian society. As a regular host of the Radio Kiskeya, she had always remained vocal against all irregularities and election frauds, especially targeting Martelly's PHTK platform. However, if Martelly likes to mark the end of his government in this manner, not in a cohesive tone, it would be typical of his character.

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