Wilson Laleau and Agribusiness program

Wilson Laleau and Agribusiness program

Here is Minister of Economy and Finance Wilson Laleau - New program "Agribusiness"

Some of the responsible positions that Hon. Wilson Laleau had served in the past, include: Minister of the Economy and Finance, Haiti, Governor at Inter-American Development Bank and Governor at The Caribbean Development Bank. He was the Minister of Economy and Finance during the presidency of former President Martelly. As a minister, he initiated a support program for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in agriculture and agribusiness sector to improve and increase productivity. A funds named ' Industry Development Fund (IDF)' with an amount of 1 billion 200 million gourdes was created to provide loans to agricultural companies fulfilling certain eligible criteria. Under the program, an aspiring beneficiary to the fund must hold a standard unit of land covering an area of 10 hectares or about 12 tiles-- the land could be owned by a single beneficiary or jointly by several land owners which could be construed as one single unit.

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