Hillary Clinton's brother and Haiti gold mine permit raises eyebrows

Hillary Clinton's brother and Haiti gold mine permit raises eyebrows

Hillary Rodham Clinton's brother Tony Rodham became a board member of VCS Mining when the company was granted a lucrative 5-year permit to mine gold in Haiti. The permit was the first to be granted in over 50 years with a privilege to renew the mining project in Morne Bossa for up to 25 years. One of the factors that raised eyebrows was the timing of the permit. The exceptional permit was issued two years after the earthquake when major relief works in Haiti were carried on by Tony's brother-in-law former President Bill Clinton¡¯s own foundation through Haiti Recovery Commission. The deal was controversial, because Haiti has an estimated gold reserve of $20 billion and the Haitian government was agreed to accept a royalty rate from the VCS Mining which was at least half the standard rate at 2.5%. Another VCS board member was Jean-Max Bellerive, a former Haitian prime minister who also co-chaired the same Haiti Recovery Commission; he was involved to persuade Haitian Senators to support the project. Tony Rodham is the youngest brother of Hillary Rodham Clinton. He is a former prison guard, private detective and a former repo man who used to work to secure foreign financing for a company.

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