Esaie Prophete, Elected Deputy of Wuartier Morin (OPL)

Esaie Prophete, Elected Deputy of Wuartier Morin (OPL)

Here is Esaie Prophete, Elected Deputy of Wuartier Morin (OPL)

As per the latest news, the presidential run-off will be held on January 24, 2016-- just two weeks before the deadline for the new president to swear in on February 7. But, there are some problems. The main contestant to this run, second place winner Jude Célestin says he won't take part in the contest. Like other opposition political parties, he also believes that the second election will be nothing but a repetition of the first drama fraught with frauds. Eduardo Gamarra, a political expert from Florida International University in Miami is of opinion that there were frauds in the last election from all participating sides. No single parties to blame, rather many others were actively involved in the felony because of the ineffective electoral system. He also believes that since Martelly cannot run for a second term, he may use Moïse as a sort of puppet in order to stay in power. But he thinks Jovenel would be much more independent than people speculate.

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