Hotel Marriott in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Hotel Marriott in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Here is a picture of the newly built Hotel Marriott in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Marriott Port-au-Prince, a Clinton Foundation Digicel collaboration

Digicel, the Clinton Foundation and the Marriott hotel chain have come together to create what is the first international brand in Haiti, the Marriott Port-au-Prince. Using a palette of color and design that reeks of modernity, minimalism and taste, the hotel aims to be broadly appealing as well as be sustainable. Along the lines of the latter endeavor, the hotel employs mainly Haitians, and also uses local business to provide the hotel's food, artwork, furnishings and amenities. In the making since 2011, the hotel will finally open up this year with rates starting at $129.

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