Member of the Presidential Election Evaluation, Me Gedeon Jean

Member of the Presidential Election Evaluation, Me Gedeon Jean

Here is a picture of Me Gedeon Jean, Member of the Presidential Election Evaluation.

Although the Electoral Commission of Evaluation has reported gross irregularity in the October 25, 2015 election, its conclusions and recommendations were well accepted and welcomed by President Martelly's Haitian Têt Kalé Party (PHTK). However, Gédéon Jean, the Secretary of the Independent Electoral Commission of Evaluation (CEEI) is not happy with its simple conclusions and recommendations. He has denounced them and did not sign the report of the said commission, although his name was printed at the bottom of the document. He has criticized the recommendation because he has found the percentage of fraud was alarmingly noticed over 15% of the minutes. He has demanded a thorough investigation of the minutes to purify the whole process from massive frauds. Gédéon Jean is also a representative of the National Defense of Human Rights Network (RNDDH).

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