Francois Hollande and Michel Martelly in Haiti

Francois Hollande and Michel Martelly in Haiti

Here is a picture of French President Francois Hollande and Michel Martelly during his visit in Haiti

Hollande's visit brought out protestors, who are angry over France's indebtedness to Haiti. France forced Haiti to pay France $20 billion dollars as recompense for its sugar plantation owners' loss of income, after the slave revolt drove France out of the country. $77 million of the debt was finally forgiven when Sarkozy ruled.

For years France has admitted wrong-doing over the unfairly assigned debt, but does not feel obligated to pay back the $20 billion. They regard the debt to Haiti a moral one not a monetary one. Martelly agrees, acknowledging a "grand injustice" was done but dismissing the issue as "no reparation can change what happened years ago."

Hollande has committed to more financial support of Haiti's infrastructure. France plans to invest $145 million USD to improve the education sector among other projects.

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