Bus of the company Dignite burned in Arcahaie

Bus of the company Dignite burned in Arcahaie

Here is a picture of a bus of the company Dignite after it was burned in Arcahaie.

Since the first day of September, the people of Arcahaie are agitating and showing their mark of displeasure. They are not happy with the President Martelly's unilateral decision to make "Les Arcadins" a separate commune and connected it to the Artibonite Department. They have rejected the president's decision because they consider it is unconstitutional and ultra vires the power of an outgoing president who is holding his office without any parliament, but by a decree. The new commune would take out a section of coastline from the city where the President had built a mansion for himself and few more homes for his friends. For the past 40 days, children of Arcahaie could not go to school, three buses, along with a bus of the Dignite company were burnt, three public buildings, such as, the tax office, the municipal palace and the vice delegates office for the district, were set on fire on October 2nd. Due to several roadblocks, people cannot travel north to south or vice versa; even the people from the east cannot travel back from Port-au-Prince.

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