Roro Nelson, a fugitive wanted by Danton Leger

Roro Nelson, a fugitive wanted by Danton Leger

Here is a picture of Roro Nelson who is a fugitive wanted by Government Commissioner Danton Leger.

Ronald Nelson, alias Roro Nelson, a close associate of former President Martelly was summoned by the Government Commissioner of Port-au-Prince on April 11, 2016 to appear before the court on April 15, 2016. Since he did not respond to the charges of theft, extortion, and embezzlement of state fund, an arrest warrant was issued against him on Thursday, April 14. During the Martelly regime, he captured properties of more than 50 expatriates. Now, he is a fugitive from Haitian justice. A travel ban has been issued against him. Recently, the Government Commissioner Danton Leger was shocked to see Roro on television performing with former President Michel Martelly in a Haitian musical event in Miami, Florida. Leger is planning to take the help of INTERPOL to arrest him and bring him to justice.

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