What Hillary Clinton Said In Her $225,000 Wall Street Speeches

What Hillary Clinton Said In Her $225,000 Wall Street Speeches

In October 2013, when Hillary Clinton spoke to Goldman Sachs executives and technology titans at a summit in Arizona, she appreciated the role of the bank in raising capital and creating jobs, but remained silent about the bank's role in the 2008 crisis. She praised the diversity of Goldman¡¯s workforce, including the prominent roles of women at the blue-chip investment bank and the tech firms present at the event. Some of the attendees said what Clinton said there was nothing controversial or memorable. Clinton received $225,000 for that appearance. As per Morning Consult media company report, she received a total of $625,000 for three earlier speeches from the same banking company after leaving the State Department. The media report further says that nearly two-thirds of voters think Mrs. Clinton should make public those speeches. However, the money is not really as big as it sounds; , it is actually roughly on the line what other famous public speakers receive per speech, for example, Donald Trump usually receives $1.5 million+, Bill Clinton $225,000+, George W. Bush $150,000, Condoleezza Rice $150,000, etc. The price tag has less to do with the content of the speeches themselves.

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