Paul Evans in Carnival of Jacmel

Paul Evans in Carnival of Jacmel

Here is a picture of Haitian Prime Minister Paul Evans as he was participating in Jacmel Carnival in 2015. He calls for serenity and solidarity, on the Carnival of Jacmel.

Carnival in Jacmel has been always rich in culture, an all-day outdoor event within an ideal climate. It is the home of regional and national carnival celebration where you can visit local historic places or simply indulge in the delightful beaches or enjoy the amazing Haitian cuisine, legendary work from local artists. On February 8th, 2015, thousands of Haitians and foreigners were present to witness this popular extraordinary carnival event. The Haitian Prime Minister Paul Evans, who was also present there had reminded that celebrating any culture reflects the spirit of peace and joy that people have within their mind. The people of Haiti would confirm this to the world community with the celebration of colorful carnival at Jacmel.

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