The meaning of Time for Toto, Tan - Haitian Comedy

The meaning of Time for Toto, Tan - Haitian Comedy

Here is a Haitian joke i received from a friend via facebook. I hope you will enjoy it

We receives some of these Haitian jokes from different sources and we think it is appropriate to share them with you. We are constantly in search of funny Haitian comedies, jokes to share with our viewers. If you know some interesting Haitian comedies, do not keep them for yourself. Send them to me via email. I will share them while attributing the appropriate credits to you

Haitians normally do not speak real Creole, they speak in broken French. For a long time, St. Lucian Creole has been called "broken French". Henry Breen, who was a colonial mayor of Castries in the mid-nineteenth century, assessed it a jargon formed from the French, and composed of words, or rather sounds, adapted to the organs of speech in the black population. Most of the Creole lexicon is derived from French, with significant changes in pronunciation and morphology. Haitians love their Creole proverbs and folktales told in Creole; they say that Creole jokes are just not as humorous when put into English. There is something about Creole that tends to make the speaker more animated and the hearer more comfortable. Harold Courlander once produced a nice compilation of Haitian jokes. Haiti has a oral, non-literate culture. Most of its wisdom is oral. It has a tradition of proverbs, jokes, riddles and stories which people have been telling around the evening fire for centuries.

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