Alleged kidnapper Clifford Brandt recaptured

Alleged kidnapper Clifford Brandt recaptured

Here is a set of pictures of alleged kidnapper Clifford Brandt who was recaptured by the Dominican Police

On January 28, 2016, during the trial of Chris Brandt Jr, the Judge Me Jean Wilner Morin, after the identification process of the accused and his five other accomplices in the court room [Sawadienne Jean (30), Carlo St-Fort (30), Carline Richemard (30), Pierreval Ricot (39), Saint-Fort Carlo Bendel and Evens Larieux (45)], ordered the suspension of the hearing and announced the resumption of the trial on 15 February, 2016. A dozen of lawyers were present in the courtroom to defend Clifford Brandt, who has been arrested on charges of Kidnapping, illegal restraint against ransom, conspiracy, usurpation of title, death threats, forgery and use of forgeries, illegal possession of firearms and money laundering. The trial was again postponed on February 15, because the accused Chris Brandt was absent in the courtroom.

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