Boat in the street of Cap-Haitian due to flood

Boat in the street of Cap-Haitian due to flood

Here is the picture of a boat in the streets of Cap-Haitian following the flood in November, 2014

Cap-Haitien's downtown area was completely underwater, and the city's rivers and ravines overflowed their banks. The Cap-Haitien police patrolling the flood areas discovered many bodies of flood victims lying in the streets, including young children of only two or three years of age. In a heart-breaking discovery, an eight-member family lost four of its members to death. Three others went missing with the father recovering in hospital. Many more flood victims have yet to be confirmed because disaster conditions make it hard to navigate through the area.

Although the government of Haiti has responded with its resources, it cannot adequately meet the demands of all four departments that have sustained major damage from the swarm of storms that assaulted the North and West Departments, the North being the worst casualty, and Cap-Haitien the worst of all. Beon through the media implores ". . . the private sector to help us because it continues to rain."

Haiti and its neighbor, the Dominican Republic, survived a series of storms that rampaged across the island of Hispaniola, displacing thousands of people. The old colonial city of Cap-Haitien seemed to get the worst of it, according to Haiti's Civil Protection Agency, who reported an estimated 6,000 homes sustained flood damage, 66 of them completely ruined. Reports varied on the death toll, between five and seven dead, and one person missing. President Martelly and Prime Minister Lamothe performed their official duties, touring the disaster area while food and aid relief supplies were being handed out to flood survivors.

Residents in afflicted areas were anxious to retrieve whatever belongings they could from their water-swamped homes, wading through knee-high water. A reported 4,000 displaced survivors were sent to temporary shelters set up at unaffected schools nearby.

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