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Michel Oreste, one of the many Presidents of Haiti

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Michel Oreste, one of the many Presidents of Haiti

Michel Oreste Lafontant, president of Haiti from May 1913 to January 1914.

Haiti has had many presidents, but one, the 23rd, holds the distinction of being the first to unite disparate officials within the country toward the common goal he sought, unifying Haiti and planning its progress, including the rebuilding of the destroyed National Palace. Born in April 1859, Michel Oreste-Lafontant was a reformist who was president from May 1913 through to January the following year. His short term was due to the terror wrought on the nation by 'les cacos'. Soon, the country forgot the slow rebuilding their relatively new president was spearheading and drove him out of office. He would die while still in exile in New York in October 1918.

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