Haitian rara music tought in formal classroom setting

Haitian rara music tought in formal classroom setting

The Haitian rara music has become truely international. Due to its popularity, efforts have been made to make it even more popular by teaching the young Haitian the Rara music.

'Rara music' is one form of traditional Haitian festival music that takes place throughout the Easter Week and is performed mainly in street processions. Its songs are sung in Kreyòl that speaks about the African ancestry of the Afro-Haïtian masses and it blends the Voodoo and Christian influences with rhythms. To preserve this form of traditional culture, Little Haiti Cultural Center in Miami has created 'Rara Institute' where the teens can learn to make and play traditional Rara instruments in a formal classroom setting. Rara musical instruments generally consist of a set of cylindrical bamboo trumpets called vaksen (sometimes made of metal pipes), güiros or güiras (a percussion instrument), maracas, drums, and metal bells. Their summer workshop that culminated with the Haitian Heritage Festival in May 2015 is the start of a long-term program to incorporate Rara and other traditional Haitian music.

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