Limbe Map in Haiti

Limbe Map in Haiti

Limbé, a mid-size town of 32,200 residents is part of Limbé Arrondissement, which also includes Bas-Limbé. Seven sub-divisions comprise Limbé: Tanmas, Haut-Limbé, Souffrieres, Ravine-des-Roches, Simalo, and Camp-Coq. Other towns near Limbé are Port-Margot, Plaisance, Cap-Haitien, and L'Acul-du-Nord.

The town contains a rich agricultural climate, supported by the Limbé River. Crop yields produce bananas, mangoes, coffee, and rice. Two hospitals deliver health care services: Dispensaire St. Jean, managed by Catholic sisters, and Hoptial Bon-Samaritain, a project of U.S. Baptist missionaries.

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