Raoul Cedras on the way to exile

Raoul Cedras on the way to exile

Here is a picture of General Raoul Cedras and his family on October 13, 1994. He is being escorted by US Military troops as he is heading to the airport in Port-au-Prince on his way to exile

Military Leader Raoul Cedras Brutal Rule and Exile

A few months into Aristide's rule, Cedras orchestrated a coup d'etat, which successfully forced Aristide into exile in the U.S. Cedras became Haiti's military leader, abdicating his position as president, which held no interest for him. Parliament then selected Supreme Court Justice Joseph Nerette as interim president to hold the office until elections were organized. The U.S. stalled the elections, Nerette bowed out of office, and Supreme Court Justice Emile Jonassaint replaced him.

The U.S. finally convinced Cedras he needed to leave the country in the interests of stabilizing the government and its people. Aristide returned to power and negotiated with Panamanian President Ernesto Perez Balladares to receive Cedras. Balladares sanctioned Aristide's request so Haitians' lives could be restored to normalcy and the country able to move forward.

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