Suspicions on the 26th promotion of the PNH

Suspicions on the 26th promotion of the PNH

Here is a picture of the 26th promotion of the PNH.
The national Human Rights Network(RNDDH) revealed individuals with criminal records are some of the police academy who graduated on Tuesday..

On Tuesday, May 10, 2016, the Provisional President Jocelerme Privert accompanying Prime Minister, Enex Jean-Charles attended the graduation ceremony of the 26th promotion of the National Police of Haiti (PNH) at the Police Academy (Road of Frères). Over 1573 applicants, 1474 new agents were qualified, including 186 women. However, as per RNDDH (National Network for the Defence of Human Rights), 84 of these new graduates have past criminal records. As per their shared list, the following facts were revealed: (a) 16 were former prisoners who evaded during the 2010 earthquake; (b) 16 were members of different criminal gangs; (c) 10 were involved in rape, in some cases involving minor children; (d) 7 were involved in assassination; (e) 3 having problem with the justice system for possession of illegal guns; (f) 3 were involved in crime with gun; (g) 2 individuals deported from U.S. for their involvement in robberies and abuse on minors; (h) 1 individual was involved in kidnapping. Should we allow the police academy to become a training center for criminals?

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