Pierre Théoma Boisrond-Canal, born  town of Les Cayes

Pierre Théoma Boisrond-Canal, born town of Les Cayes

Here is a picture of Pierre Théoma Boisrond-Canal who served as the President of Haiti three times.

Boisrond-Canal was born in 1932 and went into military service from 1858 until 9 years later when he retired to take up farming. Three years later, he would become embroiled in politics and rose quickly to be senator of Port-au-Prince twice. Like many political figures, he was exiled for a period, in Jamaica, but was made, upon his return, army commander of the Ouest Department by President Domingue. The first of Boisrond-Canal's three presidencies began in 1876 when he replaced Domingue as provisional leader before presiding non-provisionally as of July 17 that year. During his first run, he reinstated the 1867 constitution, which Domingue had replaced in 1874.

His inability to successfully mediate the National and Liberal parties compelled him to resign in 1879. His replacement, President Lysius Salomon would himself resign in 1888, and Boisrond-Canal was once again president, this time in an acting capacity. His last run as president was in 1902 when he was appointed interim president. This post lasted from May 26 to December 17, when he was succeeded by Pierre Nord Alexis.

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