Fort Des Oliviers located in Saint-Louis Du Sud

Fort Des Oliviers located in Saint-Louis Du Sud

Here is a picture of the historic Forts des Oliviers located in the region of Saint-Louis DU Sud.

It was built in colonial times by the French in order to fight the British troops. It is now considered as a touristic site that can contribute to the development of the region.

The people in Saint Louis Du Sud have been trying to promote the site recently. They have organized the "Festival of the Mermaid" which is a great attraction to the sea and also an opportunity for people to discover Fort Des Oliviers. The city of Saint-Louis du Sud attracts thousands of visitors from other regions in the country and the Diaspora in a fun atmosphere while enjoying nature in this small corner of Haiti. St. Louis South, was called the city of Louis XIV, a king in France. It is one of the oldest cities in Haiti. It was founded in 1508

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