Carl Murat Cantave, Senator Artibonite

Carl Murat Cantave, Senator Artibonite

Here is Carl Murat Cantave, Senator Artibonite

Artibonite with an area of 4,887 sq km, is the largest of ten departments in Haiti. As per 2002 Census, it has a population of 1,168,800 with 230 per sq km of population density. Gonaïves (the capital) and Saint-Marc are its two main cities. On 1 January 1804, the independence of Haiti was proclaimed by Jean Jacques Dessalines in the Place d'Armes of Gonaïves. The region is the country's main rice-growing area. Artibonite River (321 km long; 68 km in the Dominican Republic, 253 km in Haiti), the most important and the longest on the island of Hispaniola passes through this department, forming an international border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic for several kilometers, from the town of Pedro Santana to the point where it is joined by the River Macasías, and then turns west into Haiti and the department's name is derived from the Artibonite River. The river is used for irrigation and generation of hydroelectricity. Since February 2004, following an unsuccessful coup attempt by an insurgency, the department is experiencing a state of economic decline.

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