Senators offer two Months paychecks for Haiti election

Senators offer two Months paychecks for Haiti election

Here is a Cartoon describinf the effect of a decision by twelve Senators supporting Jocelerme Privert to offer two Months paychecks for realization of election in Haiti in 2016.

Through a recent statement from the U.S. State Department spokesman John Kirby, it has been affirmed that the United States would not finance Haiti's presidential election in the next October, as it was not planned within its appropriated budget. We might remember that in Haiti's 2015 presidential elections, the United States, along with other international bodies, provided a total of $38 million to the Provisional Electoral Council, CEP. The decision to cease funding Haiti's election could be linked to the political turmoil that was consequential to the fraudulent elections. Twelve Senators currently supporting Jocelerme Privert have written to the Prime Minister Enex Jean Charles, requesting to order Finance to hold their paychecks for the months of August and September to contribute the upcoming elections to ensure that the upcoming elections can be funded with Haitian money. The U.S decision to cease funding could be a blessing in disguise, because historically, external fundings have influenced Haitian internal matters badly. These twelve Senators are: Nenel Cassy, Evalliere Beauplan, Ricard Pierre, Francisco Delaruz, Francois Lucas Saintvil, Steven Irvenson Benoit, Francenet Denius, Jean Baptiste Bien-Aime, Wetsner Polycarpe, Fritz Carlos Lebon, Ronald Lareche and Antonio 'Don Kato' Cheramy.

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