The $18-million Haiti National Police Academy project by Canada

The $18-million Haiti National Police Academy project by Canada

Here is a picture to illustrate The $18-million national police academy project that was to be financed by Canada

National Police Academy is a six year old Canadian dream in Haiti that is worth CAN$18 million. In 2008, the Canadian authority planned to build this project under a five year CIDA program (2006- 2011) on a 15-hectare plot of land close to the city of Ganthier. The project would include creation of an infrastructure, classrooms and supply of equipments necessary to enhance the professionalism among 300 mid-level police officers from the Haitian National Police (HNP). The program was a part of a five year, $555 million assistance commitments from the Canadian authority. Even recently, the UN Security Council, while extending the tenure of its UN peacekeeping mission in Haiti for another year, has commented strengthening Haiti's police force remains a most critical task. It is central to the country's overall stability and future development. However, no decision has yet been made on the process of bidding or submitting tenders because the project is currently under a process of evaluation. In the meantime, under a separate $16-million initiative, the Canadian authority has been training Haitian police officers at temporary facilities. The success of this training program has raised questions about the necessity to implement the pending CAN$18 million project.

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