The Island of Sint Maarten or  St Martin

The Island of Sint Maarten or St Martin

Here is a map of the Island of Sint Maarten or St Martin.

Sint Maarten and Saint Martin, is an island country in the Southern part of Caribbean island where the Dutch and the French have lived side by side for hundreds of years without any border patrol or customs between them. Saint Martin or the French side has a genteel atmosphere, a continental flair, and many fashionable shopping stores. Sint Maarten or the Dutch part is completely different from its French sibling and that is its main charm. It tends to be less expensive, offers more nightlife, sprawling resorts, numerous condo units, excellent eateries and 13 casino hotels. Visitors get a diverse experience while visiting two island colonies -- a spicy marriage of French and Dutch cultures in the Caribbean within a 37 square mile area. The island is both untamed and urban with white beaches, rainforest-like landscapes, wildlife and amazing caves. Sint Maarten (Capital- Philipsburg) covers 40% of the island area on the northern part while Saint Martin (Capital- Marigot) or the French part occupies remaining 60% of the land mass.

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