Who is Marc Antoine ACRA?

Who is Marc Antoine ACRA?

Here are several pictures of the Haitian businessman Marc Antoine ACRA.

Marc Antoine Acra, as the Director General of the company categorically rejected this statement as derogatory rumors and said an American freight company chartering boats for NABATCO receives payments of the freight and is fully responsible for the contents of the cargo loaded on the ships. These cargoes were accepted under the supervision of Colombian port authorities, checked by the narcotics control authorities and the security service before leaving the port of Buenaventura. NABATCO is nothing more than a vessel owner, and cannot be held responsible for any act performed beyond the limits its knowledge.

Danton, as the new Government Commissioner, has issued travel interdiction for several individuals, including Alix Celestin on the belief that it could bring light on the matter. There was a single contract between the State and NABATCO valuing between 700 and 800 million gourdes, but that was awarded without any tender. The act of Mr. Alix Célestin was beyond his authority as there was no proper tender that allowed Acra to carry the load aboard Vessel Manzanares. The ship with a Panamanian flag as per declaration was supposed to carry a cargo of sugar for NABATCO commissioned by the company of Marc Antoine Accra. Marc Antoine Acra is a member of the powerful Acra business family in Haiti.

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