Village Project Ona-ville in morne à cabri

Village Project Ona-ville in morne à cabri

Here is the Ceremony handling housing keys to police officers in the area to dull the kid, ONA city area.

The village project Ona-ville is located in the region of Morne-à-Cabri. If you want to reach there you have to cross some five kilometers clay, very powdery road to get to ONA-City in Morne-à-Cabri. The project was initiated by ONA back in 1997 during the period of President Rene Preval as a housing solution for public service holders. But, when it was inaugurated in 2003 during the period of Aristide, became a fiasco; very few people were interested to go there. Now, with the help of an MOU between the Haitian government and ONA ((National Old-Age Insurance Office), the employees of Haitian National Police employees can find their long sought home with a low interest loan (0.50% per month) from ONA which would be deducted from their salary. Presently ninety, residential units in a 125,548 square meters area (1351388 square feet) have been completed in three categories: Type I: 221 Sq meters with five bedrooms, four toilets; Type II: 217 meters with four bedrooms, 3 toilets and Type III: is 196 meters with 3 bedrooms, 2 toilets. As per President Martelly's announcement 400 more units are under the planning stage. The completed ninety units have been inaugurated by the President on Thursday, November 26, 2015, in the presence of Prime Minister Evans Paul, Émmanuel Ménard, the Director General of the ONA and other important officials of the police, government, political and religious circles. The project has cost $18 million to ONA.

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