We have to stop charging others for where we are and how we`re doing things! We `re all responsible. more »
Val, 06/16/11 4:51 AM
i can't believe that they do that too us again god say somethings for us more »
Nico, 06/15/11 9:35 PM
In the Haiti where I grew up, no matter how poor a parent could be, he/she wants her son or daughter to be very well... more »
Colette Bony, 06/15/11 8:37 PM
Where there is a will, you will find a way! People in Haiti are very courageous and resilient. Children, you must do... more »
Jackie Chow, 06/15/11 3:06 PM
Jamaican and Haitians get along very very great. I'm part Haitian and Jamaican and i love them very much. They helped... more »
John, 06/11/11 7:27 AM
demande d'information relative a la franchise location ou investissement en ravitaillement gas texaco je suis... more »
Cadet, 05/31/11 4:24 PM
Unlimited VoIP calls to Haiti for only $45.00 /month. Haiti VoIP Unlimited plan Prepay a flat monthly service fee of... more »
Cristina Pierre, 05/28/11 9:33 PM
I do not have any comment concerning his picture but I would pray for my new president. Jehovah God in the name of... more »
Pierrette Paul-montout, 05/11/11 10:24 PM
I can not said that he is the conventional type of presidents that we have had in the past. One may not like him, or... more »
P Ferol, 05/10/11 4:08 PM
Madame Max as she was belovedly referred to by friends and supporters of the Haitian regime has at times been accused... more »
J Murphy, 05/10/11 10:48 AM