AS you can see, the lavalasses is made up of nobody but tugs and drug dealers. Can this man be a responsible leader? more »
Neg Miserne, 10/14/14 6:29 AM
My great father did not betray Charlemagne he was defending his country and daughter that Charlemagne had betray as... more »
Mercedes, 10/05/14 10:53 PM
Yes we can! with the grace of God and the willingness of Martelly government it is going to happen. more »
Virginia, 10/01/14 10:01 AM
Oh wow! Tant d'annees passee deja et je me rappelles si bien de cette cour et les jeux durant les recreations. more »
Suze Guerrier, 09/14/14 5:50 PM
What's wrong with students helping to build their own school? It seems to me that they would appreciate their... more »
Soulshadow55, 09/08/14 11:07 AM
I am an American (married to a Haitian woman); and I agree wholeheartedly about the fact that Haitians do have a very... more »
Mike, 08/25/14 5:45 PM
Calling his actions "regrettable but necessary" makes one culpable in the eyes of God for mass murder. Lord have mercy... more »
Avengingangel, 07/02/14 6:42 AM
He says this is not true.and even apologetically on in enterview.with radio Tele Boston.he is nice man,with a good... more »
Jean R Vertyl, 01/29/14 11:15 AM
Mr. Jean Max Bellerive have more chances than the others. D.D. more »
D Dupuy, 07/01/11 3:57 PM
We have to stop charging others for where we are and how we`re doing things! We `re all responsible. more »
Val, 06/16/11 4:51 AM