I think this is a great thing for country and we all can agree that Prime Mnister Laurent Lamothe as been an... more »
Gerald Jeanpierr, 11/09/14 9:59 AM
I personally think this is going to be the best way out of financial freedom for Haiti. Tourism. It is in any country... more »
Wandha Lamarque, 10/28/14 12:41 PM
I understand that you are looking for investors. I might be interested please contact me with informations please more »
Wandha Lamarque, 10/28/14 12:28 PM
The answer is NO. J.J. Dessalines wanted peace with the Mulattoes who wanted to take the place of the white masters... more »
Neg Miserne, 10/27/14 11:43 AM
History repeating itself. That's the way it was after the assassination of our Emperor. Those were the two same types... more »
Neg Miserne, 10/27/14 11:32 AM
You can not say it any better. The old class of Uncle toms are finished and gone. more »
Neg Miserne, 10/26/14 2:32 PM
BOUKI equal Black haitians and TI Malice equal the Mulatoes Haitians more »
Neg Miserne, 10/25/14 5:16 PM
Francois Duvalier was the first freely and democratically elected president of Haiti and not Aristide. during election... more »
Neg Miserne, 10/25/14 5:01 PM
When you are in Port Au Prince, take a look of where the sun rise and it set. OK, all these lands belong to my great... more »
Neg Miserne, 10/16/14 12:01 PM
That's nothing compare to the lifestyle of Aristide. I am a factory worker in the US and I am living in a $500,000... more »
Neg Miserne, 10/15/14 7:27 AM