Tout moun ka konprann sa kap pase a. Repiblik Dominiken echwe nan jwet la. Piske yo konnen Gouvenman Martely te gen... more »
Matkenson Jean-baptiste, 01/19/15 4:27 PM
May God bless president Martelly for his willingness despite of Haiti's enemies (the position). This creative... more »
Serge, 01/18/15 5:00 PM
ebyen se aristide ak moun salop yo ki koz sa, kote force armee Haiti a more »
John, 01/16/15 9:21 AM
After they had killed my cousin what did those people do for his dear mom who has left alone The boy was everything to... more »
Lodie Jean-joseph, 01/12/15 12:53 PM
Either way Mon Ami! What does Russia has to do with Haitians affairs! You probably living in America as you write this... more »
Benito Volcy, 12/22/14 12:21 PM
You who wanted things to be your way and your way only who had fought my great grand father, when he was trying to... more »
Usa, 12/21/14 9:53 PM
It's very sad to hear Haitians who have no knowledge about the way we move USA to be a better contry.USA has done more... more »
Usa, 12/21/14 9:27 PM
Haiti est dans L'espace vive qui se trouve au beau milieu de la table. Malheusement, le bon esprit patriotique et la... more »
Marty Peter, 12/20/14 12:30 PM
This is such a dumb move by my people to even mentioned Putin in Haitian affairs. Russia can't even help Cuba no more... more »
Benito Volcy, 12/10/14 5:43 PM
They were the same group who have called thE USA for help to invade and occupy Haiti to bring Aristide back. They had... more »
Neg Miserne, 12/07/14 9:29 AM