Is it an oversight? It mentions Florida then says its located in New York. more »
Mj, 03/07/17 5:41 PM
Beautifulll!!great improvement from when i left!!amazing!! more »
Judith, 02/06/17 6:17 PM
When will this open? more »
Roger Ammons, 12/23/16 5:19 AM
Your picture shows the poorest slum ever seen and yet, you description is that of Canne, France. WHat the hell? more »
Martine, 10/25/16 1:50 PM
where are the pictures of the rooms restaurant areas, I don't need too see your staff. do you have tour buses to take... more »
Gail Estime, 08/18/16 4:13 PM
Those Couple are truly in love, Obama great guy and great husband and great father. more »
Sianila Champagne Vejar, 07/27/16 12:54 PM
qui moune qui mait caill ca et cote depute a ye connien la more »
Shime Leroy, 07/03/16 2:41 PM
this photo is not inviting and does not show anything that would interest me. more »
Graham Sivers, 06/12/16 9:52 AM
The Juge : Gilles Cantave Should be the next :Président of Haiti more »
Fritz Chancy, 02/07/16 8:23 AM
YOU must be crazy to ask for this guy to take over. He has no vision. he is blind man who wants to lead us to a jungle. more »
Neg Miserne, 02/02/16 9:45 AM