Madame Liliane Pierre Paul should the next Provisory President of Haiti until the next free and democratic election... more »
Jacky Dessalines, 01/27/16 7:25 PM
jan bagaille yo ye la yo trouble person pa ka connin qui jan yo ap fini ce seuk si ANTOINE NAN GOMIER comme bon bocor... more »
Shime, 01/27/16 11:32 AM
Hello my name is Roland Simon I would like to get involve in chicken production how to enter in this business more »
Roland Simon, 12/27/15 10:43 AM
nou perdu on bel tet encore more »
Shime Leroy, 12/14/15 8:28 AM
max beauvoir irremplacable more »
Shime Leroy, 12/12/15 9:15 PM
mr lamothe;;l,homme de visions[[on laisse tomber le drage pour mananger la banane.son retour sera triomphal en 2021... more »
Mecene Laporte, 12/12/15 4:42 PM
Great photo of a great visionary, great Haitian patriot & great Father. Shalom & much love from your son. more »
Ed Noisin, 10/31/15 9:07 PM
Who is who, you should tell us at least from far left or right, because, I only knew the president Martelly after that... more »
Julie Esther Metellus, 10/30/15 1:49 PM
I would like to open a gas station in Haiti, where do I start more »
Jeanina Celestin, 10/09/15 12:18 PM
qui qualification yo mande pou job ca?est que li qualifier? si oui miracle fait chaque jou HAITI TE AF FAIT ON GROS... more »
Shime, 10/01/15 11:17 AM