Moune sa ki touye Jean gesner henry jr mal konsa.kaka sa se pou yo touye chien sa malfecteur sa animal sa. more »
Gladys, 09/14/15 3:19 PM
ce la mode jodi a tout bagay nan face book mais ce noune qui mete li qui pi mal moune an sous vetement li ap... more »
Shime Leroy, 08/02/15 8:13 PM
Si Evans Paul pat up yon ranse li ta yon betize. Lap mande lwa yo pou bal pouvwa.A la de salomon pou yon nomm we sou... more »
Bwa San Fey, 08/01/15 12:01 PM
Press coverage regarding the Carnival venture has triggered interest in the plan to develop Tortuga, but to date, it... more »
Yestertec43, 07/23/15 4:16 AM
Who is the young guy in the cutoff jean shorts? more »
Lez, 07/20/15 10:35 AM
after 3 generation cote elite intectuel la moin pa oue yo parmi deporte yo moin songe 2 u 3 an de ca ou dame te mouri... more »
Shime Leroy, 06/25/15 7:56 PM
This is unbelievable! The government knew that this would happen long, long time ago. Now we are trapped, with so many... more »
Nestor P Mateo, 06/19/15 8:53 PM
Tell me when Sophia Martelly and Her husband are going to jail for violating the Haitian Constitution. Both are... more »
Usa, 05/22/15 1:32 PM
look at yourself before you made the comment you say,are you haitien or american now so more »
Pierre, 05/17/15 10:49 AM
This is so cool I just had to use it for my school project :-) more »
Erin Smith, 05/07/15 4:31 PM