Arch of President Lysius Salomon

Arch of President Lysius Salomon

This is a picture of the Arch of President Lysius Salomon

Under the administration of Lysius Salomon, Haiti began using the postage stamp issued by the International Postal Union, the country was linked to Cuba and Kingston through Môle Saint-Nicolas and Port-au-Prince respectively by a cable company out of Britain, and the ranking in the Haitian army underwent a radical reorganization.

While he made many advancements for the company, his determination to clear Haiti's debt with France put him in the crosshairs of exiled rebels seeking a coup. The last four years of his presidency were riddled with numerous rebellions from the Cacos, a military group. The zenith of these fights would be "Bloody Week" in which scores of people including merchants, foreigners and those of the elite were murdered as government buildings were set ablaze.

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