Cap-Haitian during government of Lysius Salomon

Cap-Haitian during government of Lysius Salomon

Here is a view of the second Haitian city Cap-Haitian in 1881 during government of Lysius Salomon.

Louis Lysius Félicité Salomon Jeune and his family were forced to flee the country to live in exile in Neyba during the rule of Charles Riviere-Hérard.

Upon his return Salomon, with the support of the masses, was named the nation's President, a role he would have until only months before his death in 1888. During this time, he was faced with many oppositions, mostly because of his radical means of turning the economic tide in the country, and also because of his determination to pay off the costly debt owed to France. He revolutionized the armed forces in the country, brought about a widespread modernization, opened the National Bank and established links between Haiti and its Caribbean neighbors, Cuba and Jamaica. The president would also rewrite the nation's constitution, making it possible for him to be re-elected in 1886 for a term of 7 years.

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