Haitian Deportation from the Bahamas

Haitian Deportation from the Bahamas

As part of the new wave of cracking down on illegal immigration in the Bahamas, specially toward Haitians, these two Haitian nationals have been apprehended by Immigration services in the Bahamas. As you can see, the second gentleman did not even have a chance to put shirt on his back before he was taken to a detention center where he will likely be deported to Haiti

Boycott of the Bahamas Targets Child Discrimination

The Haitian Bahamian Society of the Bahamas President Jetta Baptiste supports Florida politician Daphne Campbell, who is asking tourists to avoid the Bahamas, to stop them sending Haitian children to detention centers.

Campbell says the Bahamas will need to answer her delegation in person if they don't change their policies in one week.

Robert Dieudonne of the United Association of Haitians and Bahamians says the women have no ". . . authority to speak on behalf of Haitians and people of Haitian descent in this country."

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