Caribbean group Malavoi with Ralph Thamar

Caribbean group Malavoi with Ralph Thamar

Formed in 1972, the Caribbean group Malavoi came into existance when Mano Césaire, Jean-Paul Soïme, Christian de Negri, Denis Dantin, and Marcel Rémion got together and decide to form a special musical group.

Many of these friends were from Lycée Schoelcher and studied at Colette Franz music school. The style of the group Malavoi is a mixture between French Caribbean music but with a modern influences.

Later, the members of the band Malavoi saw a necessity to include additional musicians as well as instruments. the invited saxophonist Bib Monville and pianist Paulo Rosine. Other talented became part of the group including Raymond Mazarin, Pierre Jabert, Maurice Marie-Louise, Pierre Pastel and Julien Constance.

The first album from Malavoi was released in 1978 with their lead singer Ralph Thamar. After the band split in the late 1970s, they reunited in 1981. The group started to gain popularity across the Caribbean. That popularity quickly spread in the United States, France, Japan, Russia, Brazil, Canada and Ecuador.

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