FADH - Haiti Military in Cap-Haitian

FADH - Haiti Military in Cap-Haitian

Do you know who are in this picture? I just want some old time Haitians from Cap-Haitien to give me the answer.

These people were at one time the the city of Cap-Haitian itself. Many of the new generation probably do not have a clue. I remember those days like yesterday. Although many of them install a notion of fair among the populations. However some how, in some twisted way, they helped to maintain order

Mwin pa konnin kombyen nan nou ki kapab di mwin non moun sa yo ki nan foto sa. Min, anpil vyero nan vill Cap-Haitien konnin moun sa yo tres byen. A on moman, moun sa yo te sel kok chante nan vill sa.

Si ou kapab sonje non kek nan yo, di nou?

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